Genesis 5:1 and Matthew 1:1

“This is the book of the genealogy of Adam.” Genesis 5:1

“The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ.” Matthew 1:1

The Old Testament gives the history not of “the Addams family”, but rather the “the Adam family.” The whole lot of us are in the family… from that first family in Eden. And all of us, no exceptions are proven to be sinners, just like our parents, grandparents, and so on. Nowhere in any truthful history or in the Old Testament on through to today do you not meet sin and sinners.

But the New Testament is about the “last Adam” (I Cor.15:45). That Adam, of course is none other than Jesus. It was Him who came to save all of us, in every generation from the first Adam on to us today from our sin. Through no choice of ours, we were born into the blood-line of the first Adam and have inherited and displayed a sin nature. But by choice of faith we have an invitation to be born into the generation of Jesus Christ and through the free gift of salvation become children of God.

Tolling rhythmically like a funeral bell through Genesis five is the oft repeated “and he died.” Of course, as the first part of Romans 6:23 declares “the wages of sin is death.” Contrast that with the genealogical-phrasing of Matthew One in which death is not even mentioned—the bell is silenced. Rather the emphasis is on birth. The message of the New Testament is proclaimed in the second half of Romans 6:23—“but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” As you give and receive gifts this season consider that great gift of salvation presented to us from our loving Heavenly Father.

The emphasis of the Old Testament is that of a coming promise. The New Testament message is the fulfillment of that promise in the Messiah Jesus Christ. An example we can reflect on during this Christmas season is the location of His birth in Bethlehem— a direct fulfillment of Micah 5:2. Quite a bold declaration! Though it is now famed for the birth of Jesus, Bethlehem was nothing but a village lacking any significance. About five miles from the power center of Jerusalem. It certainly would have seemed safer for the Prophet Micah to declare the birth of the One—the Son of God, to descend out of Jerusalem vicinity. But our God is one who is exacting, perfect, and all knowing. The question is not “does He know you?” He does and He is offering you the greatest of any gift you might ever even conceive to receive. It is the gift of being saved from sin, a gift you are incapable of ever purchasing on your own. So the question is –“ Do you know Him?” This season of Christmas, even better today, gladly accept His absolute free gift to you of salvation through Jesus Christ, don’t let this day pass without knowing Him as your Savior.

And to those of you who have received His precious gift… rejoice and come let us adore Him!


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