Looking unto Jesus — chapter by chapter

So What!?

So when the centurion, who stood opposite Him, saw that He breathed His last, he said, “Truly this Man was the Son of God!”

Mark 15:39

“So what?” Why should we give concern to the opinion of a Roman centurion? I suggest Scripture includes this unnamed soldier’s viewpoint because of his daily familiarity and expertise with the surroundings of crucifixion. It’s been said regarding the Roman military men assigned to the gruesome task of execution— “They were experts in killing people–that was their job, and they did it very well.” This soldier of Caesar saw something dramatically unique, like nothing he had seen before, nor ever see again. What do I do with the reality of Jesus truly being the Son of God?

Examine the verdict from Lee Stroble in “The Case for Christ”:

I. If Jesus is the Son of God, his teachings are more than just good ideas from a wise teacher; they are divine insights on which I can confidently build my life.

II. If Jesus set the standard for morality, I now have an unwavering foundation for my choices and decisions, rather than basing them on the ever-shifting sands of expediency and self-centeredness.

III. If Jesus did rise from the dead, he’s still alive today and available for me to encounter on a personal basis.

IV. If Jesus conquered death, he can open the door for eternal life for me, too.

V. If Jesus has divine power, he has the supernatural ability to guide me, help me, and transform me as I follow him.

VI. If Jesus personally knows the pain of loss and suffering, he can comfort and encourage me in the midst of the turbulence that he himself warned is inevitable in a world corrupted by sin.

VII. If Jesus loves me as he says, he has my best interests at heart. That means I have nothing to lose and everything to gain by committing myself to him and his purposes.

VIII. If Jesus is who he claims to be (remember, no leader of any other major religion has ever pretended to be God), as my creator he rightfully deserves my allegiance, obedience and worship.

Above are the “So whats?” How about the “Now what?”

John 1:12 –“As many as received Him, to them he gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name.”

That is good…really good news!