Looking unto Jesus — chapter by chapter

From Pastor Jim


Dear Church Family…

These are interesting, even perplexing times. I am so glad to know our Lord Jesus is good and always, always does good. Increasingly I appreciate the truth of Romans 8:28!!

Always it is a great delight when the local family of God is together to share worship, communion, fellowship and time in the Word.  

This particular season, we are being asked to navigate some guidelines of where to meet, numbers to allow, social distance, etc. As a pastor there are always pressures, some obvious while others are subtle, to avoid carrying out what God’s Word declares for the flock. My quick response is to “find a way to make it happen.” Yet, with recent wisdom shared from those within our flock it seems best and right to cancel our Sunday fellowship during this season. We will attempt to share up to date worship and Sunday teaching through our Facebook page, so please keep that opportunity in mind.

I can’t encourage you enough, to take this time with your family and those you might be able to be with. To open the Word, to read it aloud, reflect and share on it. This is a great chance especially for you parents to gather your kids and share with them…. even sharing your testimony with them. Grab some simple instruments and sing songs of praise to our God with them. Get a cup of grape juice and a piece of bread and lead them in communion, and pray together. This might very well be one of the sweetest seasons for you and your family in the things of eternal significance. It may develop a pattern of Biblical and spiritual growth in your own home you never thought possible. It was Joshua, in the midst of very demanding times who had to make a personal choice and brought others with him. in his exemplary declaration he says:

                                                                                         “But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” 

We will keep you posted on smaller group meetings and when Sundays will resume at Joan Austin. Matt, Steve and I are always available to pastor and pray with you. Don’t hesitate to call out to us for any reason, you are a joy to us.  Continue in fellowship as you are able, keep in the Word, praise and thank God and pray for one-another, remember the Cross and salvation as you take communion. Paul, who seemingly was always in tough situations writes what is very applicable for us in this season: 

            “Therefore we make it our aim, whether present or absent, to be well pleasing to Him.” I delightfully encourage us to wisely follow Paul’s aim, especially in this season, to be well pleasing to our Lord Jesus.

As always, today more than ever– Maranatha!

Pastor Jim