Looking unto Jesus — chapter by chapter

Finding and Applying Wisdom

He who walks with wise men will be wise,
But the companion of fools will be destroyed.

Proverbs 13:20

One of my personal delights is to appreciate and hopefully apply the wisdom of men who do and have walked closely with our Lord Jesus. The Proverbs encourage a thoughtful examination of who we “walk” with. Many of you men in this fellowship are of significant example and wisdom for me— I’m thankful to God for you. There are others, likely found on my bookshelves, who are men who have gone before me, having run and finishing or finished their races strong with our God, His Word and His ways. Allow me to quote from two of them regarding our text today. The first who happens to be my dear brother Jon—

From Titus 1:6—“the husband of one wife, having faithful children not accused of dissipation or insubordination…” — Ministry must be established at home before one can have credibility at church. I once read an article about the first man to scale Mount Everest without oxygen. He was recovering in a hospital after fall off a wall at his home due to locking himself out of his house. Here’s a guy who conquers the great mountains in the world. But where does he fall? At home. There are men who can conquer mountains on the job or with finances, but as far as ministry is concerned, if a man can’t keep his balance at home, Scripture says he is disqualified from ministry in the church. That isn’t a word of condemnation. It’s a word of re-prioritization.

Get your home squared away, Dad. Get your kids grounded and walking with the Lord. Whatever you want to do in the ministry, you can do with your kids. You can lead them in worship; you can serve them Communion; you can preach as long as you want! True ministry may one day extend beyond your family, but not before it is established within your family.

Now that my kids are grown-up and beginning to leave home, I don’t regret one moment I spent having devotions with them. I only wish I had done it more. I don’t wish I had taken them to more baseball games or more movies. I’m just thankful for the time we logged together talking about the Lord, learning His ways, studying His Word.

From Titus 1:9—“holding fast the faithful word…”— A Bible that’s falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t. Get in the Word. Stay in the Word. Make it a nonnegotiable priority in your daily life.

The second from D.L. Moody on this same above text

The Scriptures were not given to increase our knowledge, but to change our lives.