CCF Original Songs

Here are some original songs we are singing together as a church family.

In 2020 Matt Cain and Jeremy Sauer started Rivershore Collective. Rivershore is a music Collective of like-minded artist and musicians who desire to worship God on the right side of the river. The Israelites stood on the shore of the Jordan River twice. Once with no faith, and it lead to death. The second time they stood with faith in God, and God led them into a life-giving and collaborative journey into the abundant life of the Promise Land. 

The worship team at Chehalem Christian Fellowship is collaborating with Rivershore to make fresh Jesus music, and we want to share the music with you. When we worship together, we get a sense of what God is up to–and songs that resonate with the church family get more attention. You are welcome to visit and subscribe to keep up on any new fully produced songs that are released.