Small Gatherings

What’s the deal with small groups at CCF?

We list a few of our gatherings online, but most of our small Bible studies and gatherings are organized, led, and maintained by ordinary Christians rather than professional clergy. In other words, we intentionally don’t organize or maintain many small groups as a church staff. We expect people like you to invite and include others into their lives (backyard BBQ’s, spontaneous family outings, afternoon coffee meetings, etc…).

If you desire to connect with others more, please do! However, we invite you to join us on Sunday mornings first. As you connect in that setting, we trust God will help you take spiritual and interpersonal initiative. This may mean asking for a name and a phone number so you can follow up during the week. Something as simple as that can lead to meaningful friendship in Christ. In other words, we rely on good old-fashioned fellowship.