Study Guide – John 15:12-16:15

Link to the message: John 15:12-16:15

  • What stood out to you about the message or passage of Scripture?
  • Did the Scripture or the message spark any questions?
  • What did you learn that you can apply to your life?

Additional questions as time allows (you might decide to ask only one or two of these, or ask your own questions as the Spirit leads):

  • How is the friendship of Jesus different than the friendships of the world?
  • How are Jesus’ words about hate of the world toward Him and His disciples helpful and applicable to the church today?
  • What does the world hate Christians for, and how does this relate to Jesus?
  • How did Jesus Himself respond to the hate of the world?
  • What did Jesus provide for us, and ask us to do in the midst of the world’s hatred?
  • What role of the Holy Spirit does Jesus emphasize in this passage?
  • How have you experienced the Holy Spirit moving in these ways in your life?







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