Study Guide – John 20:1-23

Link to the message: John 20:1-23

  • What stood out to you about the message or passage of Scripture?
  • Did the Scripture or the message spark any questions?
  • What did you learn that you can apply to your life?

Additional questions as time allows (you might decide to ask only one or two of these, or ask your own questions as the Spirit leads):

  • How does the testimony of Mary’s visit to the tomb add credence to the veracity of Scripture?
  • What do Peter and John’s race to the tomb tell us about different perceptions and reactions to the resurrection?
  • What was it that help Mary recognize Jesus, and how might this be applied to our walk with Him?
  • How was Mary’s witness received (see also Mark 16:10)?
  • What is significant about Jesus’ first words to the disciples after His resurrection?
  • How is Jesus’ breathing on the disciples related to what is recorded in Genesis 2:7?







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